November 2011

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19. november 2011 at 19:10

Of course, my wife, Jill's younger sister has always been the object of many fantasies beautiful. Although it was the same physical and Helen, Jill maybe a couple of stones lighter, sure that her breasts were small, but like her sister had a pleasantly plump final, and imagefap no doubt thought too big thighs. I thought they were just great. Over the years I had an idea of their"bits"- always"accidentally", but it was definitely a chill between us. He often helped in the house with the computer and stuff, and now husband, Dean was no longer around, I often found myself roped in to fix things. And almost always very near a final Jill to help me, and touch"by chance". On one memorable occasion was imagefap the cutting board with a knife to her, and he held the steel rule to me. His chest was pressed against my arm, maybe not consciously, but none of us every step of breaking the contact. On another occasion, we were all together with BREakfast, and I helped her daughter with a puzzle on the floor. Jill was sitting next to Helen, and was not dressed yet. While Helen was still in pajamas, wearing her nightgown Jill slept in when I looked, I was glad to see he was not wearing underwear under his shirt. She was sitting behind the table, spread her legs a little and beautiful pussy visible in its entirety. I'm sure you did not, at least consciously, that gave me a unique look. Exclusive, because no one else was in the"line of fire. "So it was with the hope of at least tempting ideas I found at a party of young people in Wales with Helen and our younger son, and Jill with her two children. The hostel is located a few hundred meters from the beach, and as none of us wanted to go and spend a long time, spent the greater part of the holiday there, sunbathing, swimming in the sea and walk a little cold along the beautiful rocky coastline and cliffs. This was the first time wE'D gone with them, as Dean was fired, andwhat a difference! For the first time since his divorce, imagefap Jill seemed to relax and even reduce their smoking Silk cuts per day for a few. As always, Helen politely refused imagefap my advances in bed, always"too tired", and begged me not to"spoil the mood"to"make an issue of it. "So I do not have. In fact, I do not need much, as the straw that always bothers Helen, when he realized that he often did. As Helen and I had often been nude beaches, and both are naked, Jill, while happy to expose her breasts, her panties always bikini. Everyone was cool with it, but I think Dean is a little embarrassing. In any case, this beach is definitely textiles, although none of us has a big fuss in changing our bathing suits, which once gave me a vision in large nipples Choice of Jill and her pussy still beautiful. A few days of vacation, Josh, our youngest son had gone to the children of JillCity, so Helen, Jill and I to the beach. Although there was no nudity, in a quiet area in which there were only a few people, and some women dared to go topless. Helen had a modest one-piece dress, if cut pages was carefully bikini wax. But Jill a wonderful tight bikini Wicked Weasel had brought. I would come to this magnificent costumes on the Internet, but never seen one in the flesh. When he did, caused a bit of discussion. imagefap Jill was rather shy about it, "I know we are all thinking, I'm on the train or something, but I just want to see a tan during the holidays, with minimal white bits" it was not really as short as you can get naked without - the top of the bra consists of two small flaps of fabric almost transparent yellow, Jill is shining through dark halos, large prominent nipples wonderful design material. imagefap The floor of the same material, there was a small strip of at the back and shows her beautiful ass in almost imagefap all its glory. Most strikingly, only imagefap the covers of his lips, showing pubic hair both, in the top of their shame, and between her legs. She had hair almost as demanding as his sister, yes, I do not think I would not even bother ! To my surprise, Helen was very positive about the immodesty of Jill, "Jill Do not be silly, you know, we do not care that such things are not pleasant, it would go naked here, but you're as close as possible to get assistance legal. in any case, I'm glad you do not see wasting money on the old wax session"Really show?"Jill asked, more to me as if I had not recognized. "Oh almost nothing, "I said jokingly, "No, you look absolutely great, "I have brought my thong, if I had known, "Then came the big surprise of the day. Helen reached into his bag beach and a flourish of that article that I had been in the back of a spectacular stop tookWho knew, never knew that, "There is then, I thought you might want this with you !Oh is a look at them, "said Jill, and took the little Helen things. "Caray is as bad as I, Paul, do not think, that keeps you all?"Now you just have to do, I 'll give, when no one thought to bring. "We , put it in Paul, you know you're dying, "urged Helen, then a small shy smile, he added, "but I have my own little disclose the number, as is the case. "When I got up and I washed the bathroom sober shorts and pulled the leash, stuffed my cock and balls a bit bloated in his small cloth bag, pulled Helen, a little over a strip of cloth from his pocket. He took off his suit wide, and instead put a red strip in the form of V. The two bands only nipples covered, so most of her large breasts naked. The V met at the bottom to cover their lips vagina so that your pubic hair shows well on the sides. Wow! We were in the His-No, the passers-by some interest in the courageous decision swimwear for an hour or imagefap two. imagefap The main topic of conversation away definitively from our mutual surprise in our choices of clothing, and the three of us feel much better about the situation. My erection, which had threatened at first, leave the strap down, and eventually we all fall and slightly crisp when cool. Then the nipples of the women were even more prominent cold, despite my thong was, of course, is not so much fuller. I needed to heat, so we decided to go running. It was a good sandy beach, the perfect place for a warm-up run, but despite my intention, nor was Helen and her sister, how to join me. Her two beautiful, barely covered, middle-aged women in the sun and ran along the beach. Apart from an elderly couple I managed to anyone, almost deserted beach. I turned around, if I end up in the sand, perhaps, a mile and a half from the beach. The couple was gone when I returned. But when I came around the headland, Jill saw in the distance, at the foot of the cliffs. As I approached, I saw the rock out of loose sand. Helen was nowhere. Jill imagefap greeted me as I ran towards her, "Hello, good ride, then?"I told imagefap him that was great. "Do not be afraid of someone else, then what?"Noted in my thong. In fact, it works perfectly clothes enough to keep my genitals bouncing imagefap too much, while the rest had to think about me, including the bare buttocks. Jill is less obvious Bikini. She showed me a very delicate fossil shells they had found an excuse, as always, are very close to my beautiful sister. I approached her when she was away at the rocks apart. "Helen is back, sort the children was at imagefap the inn", he said. She imagefap showed a few meters from the cliff, "The flat rocks to look up, as it could be interesting, do not expect aPaul?"I agreed, "Yes, he is often fossil shells, ammonites, sometimes in that kind of slate. "I watched as she tried to climb in the direction of the board. It was a bit of a struggle, but I got a great view, standing imagefap behind her, the little weasel bikini bottom naughty little show in her slit. I imagefap was right between Check your hairy pussy, thick lips of her vagina visible through her beautiful pubic bone. had problems. "need a hand, Jill?"I offered. He turned to look down at me from the rocks and saw he was in the search. "Yes please Paul, stop staring at my ass and gives me a boost. She could have used many words, but to"push"that was what his consolidated over, I am committed. I made ​​a leg up on a ledge, and the other stretched out to touch my knees to her offspring. In this position, legs spread, and my thong hanging prominent bulge covered under what Jill might have noticed, with a more admired. "In the athletic figure of the thing is not so", I laughedand put my hand on her bottom, to give a push in the direction of the board. My sister's buttock felt strong, but very feminine, as tense muscles to climb the rock wall. He reached his goal and began on the board. The slope was too steep for them to get into position without help. She was a little further, with the support of my hand on his back, and took a position with the left leg to touch her ​​baby pressing against my thighs up, stretched his right leg forward in order to match. I have set my hand position to support them with your fingers against his crutch. I could feel her pubic hair, and was shivering through the effort or sexual enhancement, there was some imagefap moisture between her legs. We held this position for some time, while examining the rocks. Neither spoke for a while. His movements while she tries to solve a big rock stretching muscles taught against the fingers, and each time became known to pushd against his lower body strength. Looked at me. My penis is charged against the thin fabric straps, only the tip of my penis pushing at the top. Jill looked back and she started with a look I do not. He had concerns with the skirt. I was a little tired of my position and moved slightly, lifting the leg press more firmly against the leg Jill, a little higher. A this point she almost whispered, "I know I should not say this, but it makes me very nice, you know Paul"It feels really good to me, Jill, "he admitted, with risk carefully move my fingers, but obviously, against the lips of her vagina. To my delight, that do not disappear, but pushed his crotch against my hand, almost imperceptibly at first, but gradually more rhythmically and obvious. Suddenly, the rock was on the train gave way and fell against me. Together we was half and half ran a few steps on the gravel. I lost my grip on tbelow it, and imagefap either intentionally or unintentionally landed on my back with imagefap Jill to me with open legs, also in view of the sky. At one point, maybe one or two seconds, if you take the course, followed by what might have changed. We've covered the moments of laughter, exclamations of surprise and effort. I laughed to feel my touch with my sister - change of position, legs, and to keep our feet on the ground. Still laughing, I reached my hand and put my imagefap hands on her breasts. it is. In any case. Her nipples were absolutely huge. Berries explore hard under my fingers. She put her hands on my thighs and started caressing her not too gently, it must be said. Suddenly, it was like a bitch in heat. She moved her ass against my rigid inflexible beautiful woman, and I could feel the moist heat of her anus with my penis, now rarely covered by the belt. I arrived back to find the end of her bikini and got up to help me. Freed from their superficial covering her breasts were even more tempting, imagefap unless your sister, but toned muscle. She opened her legs over my fingers went exploring in its genre. His lips were loose and elastic, when gently pulled her clitoris and obvious tight little bud at the tip. Once again helped me when I moved down her legs Wicked Weasel, and turn the pieces of cloth peeled from my huge erection, and removed her thong. No time to be eliminated with oral sex, but we kissed for the first time in adolescence, breast to breast, thigh to thigh, groin, genitals. We had to do, took my penis in her vagina to be and needed to be there. With only the slightest help from Jill finger had finished what was on the site 's welcome sister wanted for so long. Her orgasm was so fast, growling animal panting with love and sexual frenzy. Moments after my long journey urgentPulses from the inside of the seed of this wonderful woman pussy. The fossils turned out to be something special.